Vlog Competition

Mekanisme Penyelenggaraan

1. Requirements

      a) There are two catagories: photo and video competition.

     b) Participants for photo competition are individuals and for video competition are groups (3-5 persons per group).

     c) Participants must follow out social media account:

  1. Follow our Instagram : @esl_ipb
  2. Subscribe our YouTube channel: dept esl

    d) For photo competition, participant must submit a single picture (not a photo collage) related to action to reduce carbon footprint (picture must be captioned).

    e) For video competition, participant must submit a 3-minute video that tells the effort made to reduce carbon foot print (in landscape view).

    f) Participant must upload their photo/video to their instagram account with title/caption: CarbonFP_ESL2020 (space) Title of the video/photo

   g) Tag our Instagram account (@esl_ipb) to your photo/video.

   h) Fill the registration form through http: (link pendaftaran)

   i) Invite all your friends to like your photos and videos on Instagram

   j) Photos and videos uploaded to Instagram should be submitted to the committee via Google Drive.

  k) Photos and videos submitted in the competition become the property of the committee.

2. Scoring System

   a) Idea originality = 40%

   b) Photo/video quality = 40 %

  c) Views count = 10%

  d) Likes count = 10%

3. Winning prize

Photo Competition (Individual) :

1st winner (Gold)

2nd winner (Silver)

3rd winner (Bronze)

Video Competition (Grup) :

1st winner (Gold)

2nd winner (Silver)

3rd winner (Bronze)